Frazier Chorus

Sue is back!

That's right. Cherry Red have re-issued Frazier Chorus's first album, Sue. Originally released on Virgin in 1989, Sue can now be yours for a very reasonable £9.95 direct fron the Cherry Red website.

The CD re-issue contains a bunch of really excellent B-sides, including the seminal cover version of the Sex Pistols' Anarchy In The UK.

Sue, Frazier Chorus album cover with red kite

Buy Sue now god damn you!

About this website

There's been a bit of growing interest in Frazier Chorus recently and lots of people, including my brother Tim Freeman, have suggested we get an official Frazier Chorus site back up and running. This is a start. Let me know if you have any information we could use.

I used to play with Frazier Chorus, back in the day, whenever they played live. I also played on the last 'proper' album release Wide Awake and I put together the official bootleg Monkey Spunk.

Now I play drums in Salter Cane, make my own music and run a web design company. That's who I am. As if you care.

For now, there's a teensy amount of information available on Wikipedia, some of which is vaguely true. Except the bits Tim wrote.

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